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Stress Testing Your Business: Staffing Issues

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Quality, well trained, experienced, and reliable employees are invaluable to your business. 

Problems with staffing can quickly cause much larger issues for your business.  Losing key staff members can hurt the business – they take vital skills and knowledge (and potentially customers) with them.  A customer’s bad experience can lead to a poor reputation, especially if that customer airs his/her complaints on social media.  A fraudulent or dishonest employee can easily cause you losses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars and several sleepless nights.

The good news is that there are things you do to ensure your team is happy, productive, and providing the best experience for your customers: 

- Make outstanding customer service one of your business’ core values.

- Make sure your new staff are properly trained in your business’ values and for their role, including how to deal with difficult customers and situations.  It’s vital to have solid induction procedures in place to ensure all staff receive the same high standard of training and deliver the same high level of service.

- Your employees are an investment in your business so make sure you look after them.  Provide them with good working conditions, adequate breaks, the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, and a happy work environment.  Reward employees who demonstrate the values of your company and achieve KPIs.  Staff that feel valued are loyal and engaged.

- Provide ongoing training.  If you give your staff the opportunity to gain new skills and grow with your business, they’re more likely to stay engaged and see a future with your business (instead of someone else’s).

It’s also important that you protect your business from staffing issues:

- Ensure you have written employment agreements for all your employees.  If you have any employees who have not signed their employment agreements, get them signed.

- Review your employment agreement every year or so to ensure that it is meeting your needs.  If it’s not, get it updated.

- Talk to your insurance broker about the benefits (and cost) of taking out key person insurance and/or employee theft and fraud insurance.

Good employees are a great business asset.  Putting the right strategies and tools in place can help you make the most of that investment.

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