Global Restructuring Insolvency Professionals NZ




McDonald Vague Ltd is a member of the Global Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals (GRIP) network – a dynamic referral network of independent insolvency firms. GRIP Asia-Pacific enables members to leverage the international market.

Launched in 2014 in Europe, GRIP is a cross-border referral network of independent insolvency firms across Europe, Canada, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific. The network currently has members in 24 countries across the globe – all of them experienced, high-calibre insolvency and restructuring practitioners with positive, professional reputations.   GRIP members are all committed to sharing knowledge and providing assistance and support to fellow members.

Jirsch Sutherland, one of Australia’s leading restructuring and insolvency firms, is the lead of GRIP Asia-Pacific.  McDonald Vague Limited is the New Zealand representative.

The GRIP membership expands international reach and resources. As a member, we can quickly tap into specialist knowledge and support of fellow members globally. 

GRIP can provide resources or expertise for insolvency firms where a matter or opportunity occurs outside their jurisdiction. In turn, those firms can provide the same support when other member organisations need help in their jurisdictions.

Knowledge of local laws, regulations, markets and customs, as well as access to local resources can contribute significantly to achieving an optimal outcome for clients, whether it’s restructuring debt or getting the best price for asset sales in a liquidation.

With GRIP, we can help our clients secure a local insolvency and restructure practitioner without them having to leave their country. GRIP members support each other with their local knowledge and contacts, understanding of local regulatory and legal requirements, as well as varied and specialist expertise.

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