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When your business is facing financial adversity, it can be difficult to know what your options are, or what course of action to take. One option is business restructuring - reorganising the operational framework of your business to best suit the challenges that it is facing and to improve performance.

McDonald Vague provides a raft of restructuring services that are tailored to the needs of each individual client. Through careful assessment of your company's needs, our experienced team has the expertise to preserve existing value while avoiding financial disaster. Business restructuring is a complex and confidential process, but McDonald Vague has assisted behind the scenes time and time again, with a proven track record of avoiding company failure.

What is business restructuring?

Business restructuring is the process of rebuilding the operational and financial areas of an enterprise. The objective is to recover from a poor or unstable financial position, while building a framework for sustained success in the future. There are many different forms that business restructuring can take, but here at McDonald Vague everything starts with an initial assessment.

The assessment process is vital as it allows our team to identify any operational or financial issues that may be contributing to a business's performance. These may include:

  • Cashflow
  • Working capital management
  • Forecasts
  • ROI
  • Management
  • Overall strategy

Once all of the relevant information has been gathered, our team works out exactly what options are available to a business. This allows us to tailor a business turnaround or restructuring plan to the needs of an individual business, greatly increasing the chances of success over a one-size-fits-all solution.

Some companies may need to address weaknesses in their cashflow, while others may need to completely reassess their costs structure and consider refinancing. Our team will assess the likelihood of success for each of the available options, and create an action plan that best manages the potential impacts and risks.

Once this plan has been created, McDonald Vague works with clients to implement the necessary changes, and provides ongoing monitoring as required to ensure everything is proceeding appropriately. This monitoring is a vital part of the process, providing reports to stakeholders and reviewing progress.


Our business restructuring services

In addition to creating action plans for businesses in need of restructuring, McDonald Vague also provides a range of other services that can assist with the process.

  1. Independent Accounting Reviews: When a financial issue is identified within a business, it's critical to act quickly and get to the bottom of the issue. McDonald Vague's Independent Accounting Reviews offer either a quick snap shot of a company's finances to provide a fast solution, or a more in-depth review that takes a more comprehensive approach.
  2. Corporate Governance:The corporate governance of a company is the system of rules and practices that best represents the interests of every stakeholder. Unfortunately, this often doesn't grow as required over an enterprise's lifetime. McDonald Vague offers independent reviews of businesses' corporate governance procedures, identifying issues and helping build foundations for better organisation and operation.
  3. Equity and Finance Raising:Raising capital via equity is often a necessary step for businesses that need access to finance and expert guidance from investors. McDonald Vague assists with the financial reporting and forecasting critical to the equity raising process, and can also provide access to an extensive database of potential investors.
  4. Divestment: In some cases, restructuring a business requires the sale of certain parts of a business. This could be for reasons as diverse as streamlining operations or raising funds, and McDonald Vague has more than 25 years of experience assisting businesses with the sale of their assets.
  5. Hive Down: A 'hive down' is the process of establishing a new corporate group in order to attract investors who don't want the baggage of old debt and inefficient corporate structures. It's a complicated process, and McDonald Vague can provide guidance on whether or not it is the best way to restructure and move forward.

Over the years, McDonald Vague has successfully assisted a wide variety of businesses with restructuring - adding value while minimising risk and potential losses. Unlike larger firms, we pride ourselves on being agile, with an ability to work quickly and flexibly while still retaining the resources necessary to effect truly positive change within a company.

For more information, get in touch with McDonald Vague today.