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Your guide to making a claim with McDonald Vague

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“A debt or liability, present or future, certain or contingent, whether it is ascertained debt or a liability for damages, may be admitted as a claim against a company in liquidation” (Section 303(1) Companies Act 1993).

A claim by an unsecured creditor against a company in liquidation must be in the prescribed form and contain full particulars of the claim and identify any documents that evidence or substantiate the claim.

A secured creditor has certain rights and duties defined under Section 305 of the Companies Act 1993. A secured creditor may claim as an unsecured creditor for any balance due after deducting any net amount realised and must account to the liquidator for any surplus.

If your claim is made on behalf of a creditor, please specify your relationship and authority.
By submitting a claim online, you accept that the electronic submission of your claim is equivalent to your signature to a hardcopy document. You confirm that you are an authorised person and have the authority to submit the claim and that you understand it is an offence to submit a false or misleading claim.
Please note, it is an offence under Section 304(6) of the Companies Act 1993 to make or authorise the making of a claim that is false or misleading or omit or authorise the omission that may lead to a false or misleading claim.

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Creditors who do not hold securities, have realised the security and have a shortfall, are unpaid and do not qualify as a preferential creditor, are likely to be unsecured creditors. Most creditors in a liquidation fit into this category.

For information on "preferential claims" click here to access the seventh schedule of the Companies Act 1993. Employees fit into this category for wages, holiday pay and redundancy up to a statutory limit.

If your claim is as a secured creditor, please complete a secured creditor claim form. You will be secured if you hold a general security agreement ("GSA") or have a specific security interest registered on the Personal Property Securities Register over stock or equipment. You may have secured creditor status with an unregistered security, if there are no competing interests that are registered, and you hold valid documentation. Please contact the case manager if you consider this may apply.

If you have an unregistered claim for retention of title or hold an unregistered specific security interest please contact the manager by email.

If you have a registered security on the Personal Property Securities Register and have not been contacted by the case manager, please send an email to the manager providing detail of the security.

{Submit an online claim in a new liquidation (all liquidations 2014 forward)}

Our online claim service is under development.
Please lodge a claim by filling in this form.
Once it is completed please scan and email it along with any supporting documents and send to

Download a form and send to
PO Box 6092, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141
If you are unsure whether you have registered a claim, send an email to the manager.
Six monthly reporting will be emailed rather than posted, email the case manager if you would rather receive reports by post.

If you are a creditor or a person with interest in a particular liquidation, you can send a request for information. Please advise the purpose of the information you seek by email to the case manager.
To register your interest in the purchase of assets from a company in a particular industry, send an email to be entered on our database. This includes interest in any businesses we may have for sale from time to time.

If you are a creditor, please log in with your username and password and access the report.

If you are a creditor but have submitted your claim manually, Please register to gain access to our online claim database.

If you are NOT a creditor but have an interest in a particular insolvency, send an email to the case manager. Please include the reason for your request.

The liquidator will give notice in writing of the rejection of any claim pursuant to Section 304(4) of the Companies Act 1993.
The liquidator will as soon as practicable, admit or reject the claim in whole or in part and, if the liquidator subsequently considers that a claim has been wrongly admitted or rejected in whole or part, may revoke or amend the decision.

{How to upload documents to attach to your Claim}

The liquidator may require the production of a document to evidence or substantiate a claim. Upload a document to support your claim previously registered on the cases page.

{Locate your Claim in a liquidation}

If you are a creditor in a number of insolvencies, register or log in and select the insolvent company.

If you have lodged your claim manually, email the case manager.

{How to update your contact details}

Please log in and update your details – click here

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