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Property and construction

"Specialist industry knowledge is the key to recovering value in the property and construction sector."

As a banker, creditor or shareholder, you will be aware that recovering or restructuring property assets can be challenging. To ensure that you get the best possible return, you need to engage a firm that not only has extensive insolvency, advisory and restructuring skills, but also specialist property and construction knowledge.

Our experience

Our team has managed numerous property and construction assignments, including:-

- Citiland Limited (In Receivership And Liquidation)

- Eumundi Properties Limited (In Liquidation And Receivership)

- Tuck Contractors Limited (In Liquidation)

- Designcrete Ready Mix Limited (In Liquidation)

- Ormiston Residential Limited (In Receivership)

- Ormiston 411 Limited (In Receivership)

- Viaduct Capital Limited (In Receivership)

- Tribro group of companies (In Liquidation)

- Link Construction Limited (In Liquidation)

We have also conducted numerous advisory projects in this sector.  Due to the confidential nature of this work, our role is generally only known about by these companies' directors and lenders.

Wide network of contacts nationally

We have a very broad range of industry contacts throughout New Zealand, including:-

- Valuers

- Real estate agents

- Quantity surveyors

- Construction companies

- Corporate lawyers

- Most importantly, buyers

Property finance and debt recovery expertise

Our property team members:-

- Are focused on maximising creditors' returns

- Have particular skill in the intricacies of re-financing and re-structuring lending

- Are skilled at resolving and managing legal disputes with borrowers and guarantors

- Are very experienced at recovering debt

- Have a detailed understanding of the Construction Contracts Act

- Are experienced at handling litigation, but seek to settle matters wherever possible

- Implement innovative realisation strategies designed to maximise recoveries

Please see our article here on getting paid in the construction industry.

Extensive property experience & commercial acumen

McDonald Vague's experience throughout the property and construction sector is wide, from:

- Small-scale residential developments to multi-storey apartment blocks;

- Coastal subdivisions to bare land; and

- Commercial office space to large industrial space

National resources

We have around 16 full-time people on our staff. This includes two Directors and many senior and highly qualified professionals. We also have a number of experienced consultants that we can call upon as and when required. Our offices are located in Auckland and Hamilton.

McDonald Vague is part of NZCA, a national association of independent Chartered Accountants. While all firms are independent, NZCA provides a network of alliances and business support. It allows our firm to draw on the considerable expertise of a much larger organisation, and to offer our clients an even higher level of service.

We are able to undertake assignments anywhere in New Zealand and can align with a local firm for assistance. McDonald Vague will still control the assignment and ensure the same high level of expertise and service is maintained. Working with a local firm is more efficient, reduces travel costs and makes our appointment more cost effective.

As a medium-sized firm which only undertakes business recovery and insolvency work, we can operate independently and seldom have conflicts of interest compared to larger, multi-disciplinary firms.

Leading insolvency experience

- We have the ability to quickly take control of a situation and deploy resources as necessary

- Our team has the ability to manage both the operational and financial aspects of a development or completed building

- Identification of risks is carried out proactively and in a timely manner

- We have an innate understanding of the lender's needs

- We have a high level of knowledge, expertise and technical skill related to the property and construction sector

- We understand how to work with the media to protect reputation and brand value

Services McDonald Vague can provide

We can perform all of the following:-

Restructuring/turnaround advice and implementation

- Pre-lending reviews

- Due diligence reports

- Cashflow and profitability monitoring

- Providing strategies for workouts or asset realisation

Investigating accountant reports

- Security reviews

Creditor compromises

Forensic accounting


Voluntary liquidations (solvent and insolvent)

Court appointed liquidations

Voluntary administration

Our team has the expertise to recommend the appropriate solution in all cases where a business is under financial stress.

Case studies

Citiland Limited (In Receivership And Liquidation)

The company owed a total of around $34.5 million to four separate secured lenders. Its sole asset was three floors of freehold office space in central Auckland. Following an extensive marketing campaign, we received various offers, and entered into an unconditional sale contract. This will result in a significant repayment to the first ranking secured creditor.

Eumundi Properties Limited (In Liquidation And Receivership)

This company owned a commercial building in Penrose, Auckland. We retained the existing tenancies but also secured a new, longer term lease with an existing tenant who was previously on a month-by-month term. This increased the investment’s capital value. We have now sold the building and made a significant repayment to the first-ranking secured creditor.

Tuck Contractors Limited (In Liquidation)

This was a Hastings based roading and civil engineering contractor. We kept on staff and completed a number of existing contracts which we assessed would be profitable. This enabled us to recover amounts already invoiced, and protect retention monies.

Our property and construction team

Boris van Delden
Boris van Delden is a highly experienced insolvency practitioner, culminating with his appointment as director at McDonald Vague in 2005. Boris thrives on the energy and vibrancy of McDonald Vague, but mostly enjoys maintaining close contact with his clients. Read More

Iain McLennan
Iain joined McDonald Vague in 2001, became a consultant to the firm in 2004 and was appointed as a director in July 2010. He has over 20 years experience in business recovery and insolvency. Read More

David Taylforth
Senior Insolvency Manager
David Taylforth is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Public Practicing certificate and is a member of RITANZ. David began his career with Ernst & Young, and went on to gain extensive experience in a wide range of businesses there, and also as a Chartered Accountant in his own business. David has being a CA for 38 years, of which 8 years have being involved in corporate recovery, liquidations and receiverships. Read More

Contact us to discuss your situation

If you believe McDonald Vague may be able to assist you, please contact one of our Directors. All such discussions are treated confidentially and do not commit you to appointing us in any formal capacity.

Please contact us for more information or visit our staff profile page for contact details of our Directors. Our advice is provided on a confidential basis and does not commit you to appointing us in any formal capacity.

Our offices are located in Auckland and Hamilton.  We also have team members who are fluent in Mandarin and Dutch.